Playing sports is tough, especially in hot weather. Children who play sports or are physically active in hot weather can be at risk for heat-related illnesses.

Children adjust more slowly than adults do to changes in environmental heat. They also produce more heat with activity than adults, and sweat less. This makes it harder for children to cool off. Parents and coaches must make sure that children take it slow to be sure they can get used to the heat and humidity gradually.

A common technique to keep children cool and safe while playing sports is to “Wet Down” or mist themselves with a spray bottle to avoid becoming overheated. Sport Mistr™ provides cooling through non-pressurized propellant free airless spray mist to keep children cool, comfortable, and most importantly safe for the entire game.

Best part is they’re both economical and reusable – just refill them and you’re good to go. Sport Mistr™ is the best way to battle heat from the court to field.